Virtual Desktop FAQs

  • What is myVirtualDEN?
  • My VirtualDEN is a virtual environment created by University of Kentucky Information
    Technology. It encompasses a virtual desktop that delivers a Windows 7 environment with
    several software packages installed AND virtual applications that can be accessed
    When you go to the VirtualDEN ( through a webpage or Citrix Client on a mobile
    device, you will see two tabs on the screen after logging on. One tab says “Desktops” and the
    other says “Applications”. If you choose Desktops you will then be shown all the desktops that
    you are allowed to access (for now most people will only see one desktop). When you click on
    one of these desktops, you will see a window open up with a virtual desktop running. Maneuver
    around in this desktop just as you would on your own computer or laptop.
    If you choose the Applications tab, you will see software applications listed by name. Click
    on the application you want to use and then an instance of that application only will be
    launched in a window. You can operate that software as though you were on a computer in one of
    the labs on campus.

  • How do I access the VirtualDEN?
  • Using a desktop or laptop computer: From any web browser simply go to If it is
    your first visit to this site from your device, your browser should inform you that you need to
    install a Citrix Receiver and provide you with a link to install. Please do this before
    proceeding any further. (NOTE: it has been noticed that using Safari may not detect the
    absence of a Citrix Receiver. We recommend for now that you initially launch
    from another browser. Once the receiver has been installed then using Safari will work
    correctly from then on.)
    Using a mobile device (such as a tablet, iPhone or android): Please visit your devices “store”
    or “market” to download the Citrix Receiver before going to Once this has been
    done you can either use a browser to access or configure the settings of the
    Citrix Receiver to automatically launch

  • What is a Citrix Receiver?
  • The Citrix Receiver is a piece of client software that resides on your computer, laptop or
    mobile device and is used to communicate with the virtual environment (VirtualDEN). Citrix is
    the virtualization software used for the VirtualDEN project.
    The receiver enables you to securely access the desktop and applications.
    You can install it on a laptop or desktop computer by simply accessing the VirtualDEN webpage
    at There you will be presented with information that you need to install and
    where to get it. Or you can go to the website and download from there. For a
    mobile device you will need to go to the appropriate market, store, etc.
    Receivers are currently available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chromebook, Android,

    Blackberry, Blackberry Playbook, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile.

  • Which browser should I use (IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, etc) to access the
  • It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer 10, or Safari 7. With the
    exception that Safari has been seen to not recognize when the Citrix Receiver is absent and
    will not prompt you to install it, however once installed it seems to work fine. Please report
    any odd occurrences with browser to the UKIT Service Desk. There are known issues with
    Internet Explorer 11 and it does not work in our environment.

  • Can I access my files on my laptop while in the Virtual Desktop or a virtual
  • Yes. The virtual desktop and applications will see the hard drives and attached drives of
    the device that is accessing the virtual environment. Simply select to save your file as usual
    and you will see not only the drives in the virtual environment but the ones you normally have
    available on your computer or device.

  • If I save my file on the virtual computer and not on my own, what happens to
  • It goes the way of the virtual world. Once you close the virtual desktop or application
    anything left in that environment goes away. You are encouraged to make sure you are saving
    your files to your own hard drive on your device or to cloud based storage such as Googledocs,
    Microsoft Live or Dropbox.

  • How do I save a file while in the Virtual Desktop?
  • Just like normal. But be sure to select your own local hard drive or cloud based storage
    and not the local drive of the virtual desktop or application. The virtual environment goes
    away and loses anything stored there when you log out.

  • What is the difference between the Applications tab and the Desktop tab after
    I log into
  • The Applications tab contains only standalone applications that you are allowed to access, and
    only that application will run when you launch it. The Desktop tab contains all the desktops
    you are allowed to access and will launch a window that is a complete desktop. You will
    maneuver around it just like you would your own laptop or desktop. You have a Start Menu and a
    list of programs that are available in a Windows 7 desktop. Think of it as a computer within
    your own computer screen.

  • Can I use theVirtualDEN on any internet ready computer, anywhere?
  • Yes, anywhere that you can gain access to the internet you can get to our virtual desktops and
    applications. Remember that your internet provider speeds will have a determining factor on
    your experience.

  • Who do I contact if it does not work, or if I need help using it?
  • Please contact the UKIT Service Desk at (859) 218-4357 or

  • What software is available in the Virtual Desktop?
    • Microsoft Office Suite
    • Audacity
    • B2Spice
    • CamStudio
    • CyberDuck
    • Echo 360 personal Capture
    • EndNote
    • Excel Solver and Analysis Toolpack (in Microsoft Excel)
    • Browsers ( IE, Firefox, Chrome)
    • Filezilla
    • OIV Artstor Viewer
    • SSH Secure Shell
    • VLC Media Player
    • Windows Live Movie Maker
    • Winzip
    • Putty
    • Addins to the browsers (Adobe SVG Viewer, Authorware, Chime, Flash, Java, Math ML fonts,
      Math Player, MathXL Fonts, Myeconlab, Office Macro Settings, PDF addins for Word, Quicktime
      and Shockwave, Pearson Education Plugins)
    • Links to websites: Blackboard, Reaxys, Scifinder Scholar, Sigiplus and eTraining, myUK

    We are also working on obtaining permission and licensing to add the following:

    • AutoCAD
    • Adobe CS5 Design Premium Suite
    • Adobe CS5 Web Premium Suite

    We will be adding more over time as licensing permits.

  • What software is available in the Virtual Applications?
    • SAS
    • R
    • JMP
    • Aperio Viewer (testing for College of Medicine)
    • QS1 (testing for College of Pharmacy)
    • myUK link (makes SAPGui available to you on any device)

    We will be adding more over time as licensing permits.

  • How do I print?
  • Just select Print as usual from within an application. You should see the printers that are
    set up on your own computer or laptop and the campus computer lab/library printers. Just
    select which one you want to print to.

  • What devices can I use (laptop, tablet, desktop, etc)?
  • You can use any device using Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chromebook, Android, Blackberry,
    Blackberry PlayBook, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile. Be aware that you will have a different
    experience depending on the device due to size and input capabilities. If you are just
    accessing simple applications any device may work for you. If you are trying chapter4 design a
    skyscraper on a 3D application you may want a device with a larger screen and a mouse
    interface. Experiment around and see what fits your needs.

  • Why does my friend see more applications than I do when using the
  • Depending on which college and major you are in, you may or may not have access to some
    software applications. Due to funding and software licensing there may be limits on who can
    have access.

859-218-HELP (859-218-4357)