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The System Status webpage was created in attempt to foster a partnership between the UK Community and UKAT. We hope to update the System Status webpage with any potential or current system outages and tweet out to the handle “@UKATSTATUS” any real time updates. If you notice any changes to IT Services, please give the Service Desk a call at 859-218-4357 or email at

Friday   10/31/14 - 1:44 PM


Due to the Drupal security vulnerability UKAT are in the process of reverting the sites to the backed up version from 10-15-14. Any changes you have made since then will be lost. Unfortunately, per the Drupal security announcement ( this is a requirement to ensure security of our Drupal environment and sites.

During this process everyone needs to stop making any changes to all Drupal 7 production sites and development sites (pearl and dib) until further notice.

Once all sites on the production server have been reverted to the 10-15-14 version, UKAT will update them to the 7.32 version of Drupal core that includes the security fix. After that is completed we will clone all sites that are on the production server (reverted to 10-15 and updated) over to dib and pearl, replacing everything on dib and pearl with the reverted and updated version. Once completed, UKAT will send an email letting everyone know users can resume updating sites and recreate any lost content.

If you are experiencing an outage please contact the Service Desk at or by phone at (859) 218-(Help) 4357

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