Resources & Support

The Resources and Support page highlights the popular user-facing data reporting tools and systems currently in use at UK. HANA (or SAP HANA) is the user-facing database from which you can pull operational data on students, faculty, and much more. Tableau (as well as other tools utilizing an ODBC connection) can directly connect with HANA allowing users to create data visualizations and reports. 

Tableau Access

Tableau Server is a front end reporting tool to access HANA data and other data sources. The majority of users looking for student information will find that Tableau Server meets their reporting needs. Those who wish to do more advanced data visualizations will want to check out Tableau Desktop. The information below will assist you in getting started using Tableau. We encourage you to come to a Tableau Open Lab (information below) to see the benefits of Tableau Server and Desktop.

Request access to Tableau Server - This is the starting point for beginning to use Tableau Server. After submitting the request, your Area Security Officer will review your application for approval. Tableau Server roles and access levels are explained here.

Log on to Tableau Server - Once you have received notification of access to Tableau Server this is the link  to begin using the server (

Download Tableau Desktop 10.0 Trial Version -  The University of Kentucky currently supports Tableau Desktop 10.0. We recommend downloading Tableau Desktop 10.0 to be consistent with the University's version of Tableau Server.

Troubleshooting Issues with Tableau Workbooks

If you are new to Tableau, the trial is only available for 14 days from the time you activate it. Before beginning the trial period, be sure to allocate enough time to work with Tableau. To purchase Tableau Desktop, please contact Mike Hujet with Tableau Software for educational pricing. To get started using Tableau, follow the steps in How to Install HANA Client (link below). Once your HANA client is setup please refer to Tableau Desktop 101 and other documents in our Tableau Resource section below. 

How to Install HANA Client (pdf) - In order to connect Tableau Desktop to data in HANA you will need to follow the steps in this document to install HANA Client. Access to HANA is provided once your request to access Tableau Server/Desktop has been approved.


Need assistance?  Please complete the Advanced Analytics Contact Us form.

 Tableau Resources 

HANA Code Book - The HANA Code Book is located in the Student Reports project folder on Tableau Server. Access to Tableau Server is required to view the HANA Code Book. Please complete the Request access to Tableau Server form. After submitting the request, your Area Security Officer will review your application for approval.

Tableau Super Users - A listing of the Tableau Super Users in each college or business unit at the university.

How to Be a Super Duper Super User - Tips, tricks, best practices, and hacks for Tableau and HANA.

Introduction to HANA and Tableau (pdf) - Basic information about Tableau and HANA. This is the presentation material used in the Tableau Open Lab Beginner session.

How to Connect to HANA using Tableau Desktop (pdf) - Instructions on how to connect to HANA using Tableau Desktop.

Replacing a Field Reference in Tableau (pdf) - A demonstration on replacing a field reference using Tableau Desktop.

Replacing a Tableau Data Source (pdf) - A demonstration on replacing a data source using Tableau Desktop.

Introduction to Joins in Tableau Desktop (pdf) - An advanced Tableau topic that demonstrates joining database tables. This is an example of topics covered in the Tableau Open Lab Advanced session.

HANA Decisions and Access 

Most data needs can be fulfilled with access to Tableau Server. Some users may purchase Tableau Desktop or need to connect to HANA data using other third party software requiring an ODBC connection. The links below will help you determine if you need HANA access, and whether or not you need a HANA password. After making your decision, select Request Access to HANA and complete the access request form.

HANA Access and Password Decisions - HANA users now have the ability to access HANA through single-sign-on. This flowchart will help you determine if you need HANA access and password authorization.

Request access to HANA - This is the starting point for accessing HANA. This form does NOT apply to Tableau Server access. After submitting your request for HANA access, your Area Security Officer will review your application for approval.

How to access HANA tables in Excel using MS Query (pdf)