Fast Facts About UK

The Common Data Set contains data about students, faculty, staff, and other interesting information.

  • In fall 2013, 29,385 students were enrolled at UK. 
  • Undergraduate students at UK made up 73% of the total student body. 
  • In fall 2013, minority and international students at UK comprised 19% of the overall headcount. 
  • Women constituted just over half (52%) of the UK body.
  • Ninety (90%) percent of students attended the University on a full-time basis. 
  • One in four (27%) UK students came from out of state, mostly from states bordering Kentucky. 
  • In fall 2013, 4,619 full-time students began their college careers at UK, with an average ACT Composite score of 25.3.
  • The 2013 first-year class included 105 National Merit, National Achievement, and National Hispanic Finalists.
  • The 2013 freshman class also included 417 students who participated in either the Kentucky Governor's Scholars or Governor's School for the Arts programs. 
  • The freshman-to-sophomore year retention rate for the 2012 cohort was 82.5 percent. 
  • The graduation rate for the 2007 cohort was 60.4 percent. 
  • During the 2012-13 school year, 6,185 students earned degrees from UK. 
  • Nearly two out of three degrees (65%) awarded in 2012-13 were at the bachelor's level. 
  • In 2013-14, resident tuition and fees amounted to $9,966 for undergraduates in the lower division and $10,772 for graduate students. 
  • Tuition for non-resident students was a little more than double that of in-state students at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 
  • The FY 2013-14 budget targeted $374.0 million for Instruction; $271.9 million for Research, and $36.0 million for Student Services.
  • UK researchers brought in $265.9 million in outside funding for grants and contracts in FY 2012-13. 
  • In 2012-13, the UK Libraries housed over 4.1 million volumes.
  • In fall 2013, 12,430 full-time employees worked at UK, including 2,287 full-time faculty and librarians. A total of 7,066 part-time staff and 388 part-time faculty members also were employed.