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Mary C. Bingham Seminar

Every other year, the Center holds an open competition among university faculty who wish to offer a special humanities-oriented seminar that includes a travel experience. Approximately 12 students are then selected by way of competitive application for participation in this seminar. The Bingham Seminar provides faculty and students a chance to explore a subject not in the university's regular course offerings and to do so on-site, since the seminar provides funding to offset the cost of three to four weeks' study either in the US or abroad.

StudentsBradley Hall Flags and faculty should visit UK Education Abroad for more information about travel-opportunity courses. Students, please note that Education Abroad offers student scholarships for some travel courses; EA-specific deadlines apply.


Bingham Seminar Students at Eiffel Tower


2012 Bingham Seminar

African Art in Paris, 1878 - 2012

See the Student Scrapbook from the 2012 Bingham Seminar, "African Art in Paris, 1878 - 2012," led by Monica Visonà, by clicking on the file at the bottom of this page.




Past Bingham Seminars

Seminar participants have visited London, Paris and Vienna, walked along the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, traveled in China investigating the Confucian family tradition, and studied the art, architecture and folkways of Sicily.

2012 African Art in Paris, 1878 - 2012 ŸŸ• Monica Visonà, Art History

2010 Across the Atlantic: Exploring Irish Immigration to the USŸŸŸŸ ŸŸ• Diana Haleman, Family Studies

2008 Seeking Goya: A Transatlantic JourneyŸ ŸŸ• Edward Stanton, Hispanic Studies

ŸŸŸ2006 Voices from Home: Appalachian Traditional Music • Ron Pen, John Jacob Niles Center for American Music

2004 Japan: The Modern, the City ŸŸŸ• Douglas Slaymaker, Russian and Eastern Studies

2002 Sacred Space and PiligrimageŸ ŸŸ• Edward Stanton, Hispanic Studies

2000 The Confucian Family and its Enemies in 20th-Century China ŸŸŸ• Kristin Stapleton, History & Asian Studies

1998 More than the Mafia: SicIly's Multiple Cultures through Archaeology, Arts, & Folkways ŸŸŸ• Christine Havice, Art

1996 The Grand Tour ŸŸŸ• Raymond Betts, History